varistors, capacitors, thermistors, ferrite-cores
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varistors, capacitors, ferrite-cores, thermistors
At Alphatron we manufacture Varistors, Capacitors, NTC Thermistors and PTC Thermistors. We also deal in different types of Ferrite Cores. Our components are applicable to equipment in various industries. Over these years we have evolved as one of the leading manufacturers, supplying to government and private industries. Welcome to Alphatron Components

Welcome to alphatron-components

Alphatron Components has been in the field of Electronic Components since 1993. We offer high quality Ceramic Disc Capacitors, Metal Oxide Varistors, PTC Thermistors , NTC thermistors and Ferrite Cores. These components come with the relevant approvals like UL and CSA. We can also offer RoHS compliant components.

Alphatron Products
  • Varistors

  • Capacitors

  • Thermistors

  • Ferrite Cores